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948-00 Bedford Series Sectional

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948-00 Bedford Series Sectional

948-00 Bedford Series Sectional

Shown L to R: 948-00-1L Left Arm Sofa, 948-09 Wedge, 948-00-1R Right Arm Sofa. Dimensions shown are for left & right arm sofa. 948-09 Wedge: Outside: H39 W71.5 D42. Shown with optional leather gimp under nail trim & optional channel quilting on cushions.

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Outside: H 37″ W 83″ D 40″
Inside: H 18″ W 75″ D 20″
Arm Height: 26″
Seat Height: 19″

Pricing Information

Yardage: 20
CTN WT: 175
STD Finish: Must Specify
STD Legs: Block Bunn
Exposed Wood: Maple
STD Trim: #9 & #50 Nailhead OR: Welt available for upcharge
STD Seat Cushion: Spring Poly
STD Back Cushion: Premium Fiber