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Eco-Friendly Options

Reducing our Footprint

As a citizen of the world it is prudent and socially responsible to manufacture product in the most efficient eco-friendly methodology possible. It is also good business.

Below find a listing of items that reduce the footprint the manufacturing of our product places on the environment:


We continually strive to increase our efficiency in manufacturing our upholstery with less energy used per unit. We look for materials that we find sustainable or recycled sources.

All Leathercraft upholstery is manufactured in North Carolina which reduces the urban foot print of the energy used to import product from abroad.

Seat and back cushions

Seat and back cushions can be specified in materials that are considerably more environment friendly.

Seat cushions contain 20% soy bean oil, which reduces non-renewable components (oil) by 61% and reduces energy consumption by 23%.

Polyester back cushions are manufactured with 100% recycled post consumer materials (soda bottles). Therefore, no new raw materials are committed to the manufacturing process.

The cushion material meets California code TB-117.


Leathers are available that are vegetable tanned containing no chromium, which are 100% recyclable.


Over 90% of the lumber used in a frame comes from forests that are renewed and certified and adhere to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).


The springs used in our product are manufactured from steel that is over 50% recycled materials.


One hundred percent of our finishes are water based; no solvents are used.


Leathercraft recycles: paper, cardboard, leather scraps, wood waste and heat generated machinery.