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Due to the increased amount of orders we are receiving from our customers wanting to utilize their fabrics, C.O.M., with our leathers combined with our custom capabilities to fulfill their requests, we have developed a textile offering that embellishes the colors and textures of our select leathers.

By choosing to specify one of our textiles, fringes or utilizing product from one of our industry partners i.e. CF Stinson, Fabricut, S. Harris, Vervain, Robert Allen, Beacon Hill, Ultrasuede and FlannelSuede, we will expedite the procurement and manufacturing process.

You place the order with us, we calculate the exact yardage required, order the textile and quote you an exact price. Please remember we ship merchandise specified in C.O.M. in ten working days after receipt of the C.O.M. Our goal is to provide you options with the least degree of complication.