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Appearance, comfort and performance

What is perfect leather? We believe, one that shows the genuine character of the leather hide. Scratches, scars, insect bites, neck wrinkles and brands, verify authenticity. We feel leather should look like leather, not the vinyl table cloth at home when you were growing up.

The real art is in the placement. Selecting the area of the hide that each part of your furniture will be cut from is critical. It takes human hands to precisely place the pattern to maximize the hides potential. This creates a truly unique piece of furniture that presents nature's signature. When it comes to judging character, we'll select a person over a computer driven cutting machine that values wasted material over art.

Every piece of Leathercraft furniture is constructed from the highest grade of materials currently available. We engineer each piece to meet your expectations and warrant each piece to do so. For specific warranty information on each component please contact us.

It is our goal to manufacture leather upholstered furniture that is both comfortable and long lasting. We truly want to satisfy your requirements. IF WE CAN BE OF ASSISTANCE please contact us.